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When it comes to home improvements in Calgary it can be hard to know where to start. Why not start fresh? Add some living space to your home. A basement development is a great place to start. However, it can be difficult to pick what you want… interior design and the plethora of materials available make the possibilities seem endless. It’s true there are a lot of great options when it comes to developing your basement into a usable area, and many of them are difficult to choose between. Really what you need is a qualified contractor to help you with the design process and continue on to aid in the construction of your project. This can be very hard to find. At Contemporary Kitchen, Bath and Design Center we can help. We work with top designers that will use their skills to plan a space that is both functional and beautiful. They pride themselves on being able to interpret your distinct style, your design personality as it were, to help you express yourself through your renovation. That’s right, a space that is so uniquely yours, it’s amazing.

One of the more common plans when it comes to basement developments is to put in an additional living room, guest bedroom and bathroom. Essentially increasing your homes living space. This is a fantastic choice, especially if you want to add resale value to your home; or if you are running out of room as it is.

That being said … there are a lot of other great options if you find your living space adequate as it is.

Are you an artist? Why not build a studio, or perhaps a music room? There’s also the idea of developing your basement into a games room, a popular choice for many individuals. Your basement can become a space where relaxation, entertainment and family bonding occurs.

An office in the home has become a necessity for most modern families. Do you own a business? Or perhaps you work from home from time to time? These are ideal situations to develop that extra space into a home office that will afford you the luxury of loving your work.

With such busy lifestyles these days, a lot of us spend very few hours at home.  We are doing things like going to the gym, the spa or dinner and a movie.  These are also all great options to inspire a basement renovation whether it be a home gym and spa combined or maybe a nice big entertainment room where you can watch all your favourite movies on the big screen.

Regardless of what direction or plan you decide to take with your basement development, one thing is for sure is you want to get the most out of your home improvements. At Contemporary Kitchen, Bath and Design Center we always build to guidelines and standards set out by organizations such as: BBB, NKBA and CHBA.  This lets you rest easy while our professionals take care of your home just as they would their own.