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The 4 phases of your renovation project


1 – Introduce your Personal Design Consultants

Just like any major development requires a solid foundation to start with, at Contemporary Kitchen, Bath and Design Center we like to think of our relationship with you as the foundation on which the building blocks of your project rests on. Get to know the professionals that will be hard at work transforming your space. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable and have this relationship grow into a friendship that can last.

2 – Discuss Scope of Work

This is the fun part, you get to tell us what you are looking to accomplish from your home renovation. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel, basement development or a full home makeover, our professionals will talk ideas and concepts with you, all the while maintaining clear guidance when it comes to the flow and function of the different products and processes.

3 – Review the Site

One of our qualified project estimators will come to your home.  Quite often for larger projects this includes a visit from one of our professional designers as well. We will measure the space, confirm certain aspects of the project that you would like to see in the estimate and take pictures.


4 – Establish Scope of Work

This is where we get to present our ideas melded with your vision for your space. We separate the wants and needs of your project, consider project feasibility, cost concerns, and product availability. We produce for you a detailed cost estimate based upon generous product allowances.

5- Review Estimate in Design Center

Once the initial estimate is completed your design consultant will contact you and book an appointment to come into our design center and sit down with you to go over in detail your estimate. This makes sure that everything is clear for you right from the beginning. It also give us the chance to show you some of the wonderful products we have available for you. Once you are satisfied with the general scope of work and budget we proceed to the next step.

6- Sign Agreement and Accept Deposit

Now that you are comfortable with the scope of work and budget, we then sign the contract and accept your deposit. Now we
are ready for the design phase of your project. This is where it gets really fun.


7- Meetings with Professional Designer

This is where you sit down with your personal designer and really delve into your personal style. You’ll be invited to our design center which has over 3000 square feet of product samples and displays where you get to touch and feel the products for yourself instead of relying on computer screens or catalogues. Having all the product in one convenient location helps this process to move quickly and efficiently. In the off chance that you don’t find what you’re looking for in our design center, our team of professionals will do their absolute best to search out and find you exactly what you’re looking for.

8- Design Proposal

After you’ve met with our designer it’s our turn to take those product selections, ideas, and colors and create a professional design proposal for you. Our professional designers pride themselves on being not only unique in their style but also by being able to decipher your own personal style and match that with your proposal. We also have the ability to complete a 3D rendering of your space so you can better visualize your project.

9- Design Sign Off

During the design proposal there will more than likely be some changes to the scope of work and adjustments made to the estimate. It is during this step that you will review these changes with your design consultant.  Once you are clear on the final price adjustments, the design proposal is signed off on and we can establish a start date for your project.


STEPS 10-13

10 – Trade / Installer Coordination/ Renovation

One of the wonderful things about hiring Contemporary Kitchen, Bath and Design is that we have dedicated installers that work for us. That means when your project comes to fruition we assign our dedicated installers there until the work is finished. We also utilize sub trades as needed but the bulk of the work is completed by our personal installation team.

11- Change Orders Processed

Through the renovation process, from time to time, homeowners will change their mind regarding either product or scope, possibly adding extra work or maybe something unforeseen has come up in the process. When these things happen (and they do happen) we put all changes into a change order and these get processed as they come up so that we can get your project completed in a timely manner.

12 – Final Clean

Our install teams are known for being extremely courteous and good mannered. They will leave your project in ready to use condition. However renovations do get messy, with all the added dust that naturally comes with an extensive renovation.

13 – Customer Walk Through and Wrap Up

Now that everything is completed and cleaned up you are ready for your newly renovated home. Your design consultant will complete a final review and walk through of your home/ space ensuring that what you envisioned is your reality. If there are any issues that are identified at this stage, these things are addressed in a timely fashion.

Now there’s only one thing left for you to do … Enjoy it, you deserve it!